Industrial Paint and Concrete Contractors since 1988

Mid-South Painting, Inc is one of America's fastest growing Industrial Paint and Concrete Contractors for HVL and NON-HVL Pipelines.

When we were established in 1988, in Hohenwald, TN our company consisted of 4 dedicated employees with a mission and a strong work ethic. We had identified a need for reliable, professional contractors with expertise in Pressure Washing, Sandblasting, Industrial Painting, Concrete Pier Installation, and Concrete Repair and Modification. Our determination to be the most skilled and expert at these services has brought us consistent success with our clients, and a reputation that led to our alliance contract with a major corporation owning one of the largest natural gas pipeline systems in North America. Strong management, willingness to adapt to change, a comprehensive training program for all new employees, and a commitment to ethical behavior have been integral parts of our success.

Mid-South Painting, Inc.