Natural Gas Pipelines

Pressure Washing

The first step in the process of painting pipelines is making sure the old debris is cleaned off properly. There are two ways to achieve the task and pressure washing is one. When it comes to pressure washing the professional staff at Mid-South Painting, Inc are highly trained individuals equipped with top of the line equipment ready to provide service in the industrial natural gas pipeline market.

Mid-South Painting, Inc.
Mid-South Painting, Inc.


The second approach to making sure the pipelines are clean before painting them is by sandblasting. Sandblasting is one of the specialties of the Mid-South Painting, Inc Painting professional staff. We are able to handle almost any size structure no matter what the weight is. You can check out some before and after photos of our amazing work by clicking here.

Industrial Painting

When facilities, structures or equipment literally have a job to do, Mid-South Painting, Inc. helps you maximize their life, function and efficiency with state of the art materials and application methods. Experienced riggers reduce set-up time. Highly accurate estimating and project follow-through scrupulously control and track job costs. In existing, operating locations we help you limit downtime or dislocation by careful, cooperative work planning.

Mid-South Painting, Inc.